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                                                                                    ESTADO DE LA ESPECIE

UICN:it was catalogue for the first time in 1996 minor risk of extinction and then in 2002 past to being a dangered species and in 2008 was recognized as minor risk again

 CITES: not included


         KINGDOM: Animalia.                 PHYLUM: Chordata.
         CLASS: Mammalia.
         ORDER: Rodentia.
         FAMILY: Sciuridae.
         GENUS: Sciurus.
         DISTRIBUTION:southeast Europe to east Asia
         HABITAT: forests
         LENTH: 20 – 30 cm.
         TAIL LENTH: 15 – 25 cm.
         WEIGHT: 250 – 340 gr.
         GESTATION: 38 – 39 days.
         OFFSPRINGS: 3 – 4 .
         LIFE: 3-7years

    The Red Squirell doesnt belong to our safari but live´s among us.

    Squirell's live on thier own except when they start looking for food to feed their offsprings insects ,fruits,eggs......

    They dont hibernate and they store food in trees and rocks that they eat when their is no food available.

    Their mating time is at the end of the winter start of the summer they give birth in nests in trees.

     When the offspring is born they are blind and deaf they start to eat solid food as from 1 month old