BARBARY SHEEP(ammotragus lervia)

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(ammotragus lervia)





UICN:since 1986 their situation is not good and is at risk of losing 30 percent of the population

CITES: not allowed there commercialization


         KINGDOM: Animalia.            

         PHYLUM: Chordata.
         CLASS: Mammalia.                         
         ORDER: Artiodactyla.   
         FAMILY: Bovidae.
         GENUS: Ammotragus.
         DISTRIBUTION: Sáhara and Magreb.
         HABITAT: rocky area.
         LENTH: 130 – 170 cm.
         TAIL LENTH:  20 cm.
         ALTURA EN LA CRUZ: 100 – 110 cm.
         WEIGHT: 40 – 145 kg
         PREGNANCY: 160 days.
         OFFSPRINGS:  1.
         LIFE:20 years.

   Their colour is similar to the dessert sand from wher they originate. El color rojizo del pelaje se asemeja al color de la arena de las zonas desérticas del norte de África de donde es originario.

  Females are a bit smaller than the male but both have long strait hair on shoulder and neck 

   They live in small groups directed by a female,they can mate all year.