OSTRICH(Struthio camelus)

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Struthio camelus





UICN: since 1989 there situation is good and are not at any risk


CITES: only allowed for cientific use


          KINGDOM: Animalia.
         PHYLUM: Chordata.                                     
         CLASS: Aves.
         ORDER: Struthioniformes.
         FAMILY: Struthionidae.
         GENUS: Struthio.
         DISTRIBUTION:sub saharan africa.
         HABITAT: savvana and african dessert.
         HEIGHT: 1’80 – 2’50 m.
         WEIGHT: 100 – 160 kg.
         SPEED: 70 km/h.
         LAY: 6 a 8 eggs.
         INCUBATION: 42 days.
         LIVE: 40 years.
        Its one of the few birds that cant fly but are fast on land 

        They will travel long distances as a herd to find food

         The male has black feathers with white tips and females have brown