HORSE(equus caballus)

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equus caballus




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         KINGDOM: Animalia.             PHYLUM: Chordata.
         CLASS: Mammalia.                         
         ORDEN: Perissodactyla.
         FAMILY: Equidae.
         GENUS: Equus.
         DISTRIBUTION: Arabia, Africa
         HABITAT: Zonas áridas.
         LENTH: 200 – 220 cm.
         HEIGHT: 143’3 – 153’4 cm.
         WEIGHT: 380 - 430 kg.
         GESTATION: 11 months.
         OFFSPRINGS: 1.
         LENTH: 25 – 40

   The arabian horses originate from the middle east,now they are all over the world Europe,America,UK,Canada,Australia.....

   The main characteristics their health,intelligence,elegant and beauty their race is the most pure

   They are the origen of horses even though they have a few differences for example their ears are smaller and they can turn their head in all directions.

   They are indangered and could lose up to80 percent of their population in the wild.