PLAINS ZEBRA(equus quagga burchelli)

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plains zebra

       (equus quagga burchelli )   


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        KINGDOM: Animalia.             FILO: Chordata.
         CLASS: Mammalia.                
         ORDER: Perissodactyla.
         FAMILY: Equidae.
         GENUS: Equus.
         DISTRIBUTION: Angola, Zimbawe, Zambia,
         Mozambique and Southáfrica.
         HABITAT: Savvanas, forests
         LENTH: 1’90 – 2’10 m.
         WEIGHT: 240 – 320 kg.
          PREGNANCY: 350 days
          OFFSPRINGS: 1.
          LIFE: 24.

   It is the most common zebra their identety is different on each on. 

  The food is grass,leaves and roots when the dry spell comes they emigrate to look for food.

   They go for food in herds

   They are very social animals that often go with nu's and antilope's