COATI(nasua nasua)

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(nasua nasua)



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         KINGDOM: Animalia.
         PHYLUM: Chordata.
         CLASS: Mammalia.                                            
         ORDER: Carnívora.
         FAMILY: Procyonidae.
         GENUS: Nasua.
         DISTRIBUTION: South east of EE.UU., México,
         center of America and South America
         HABITAT: warm areas
         LENTH: 41 – 70 cm.
         TAIL LENTH: 32 – 70 cm.
         HEIGHT: 20 – 30 cm.
         WEIGHT: 2’5 – 7 kg.
         GESTATION: 10 – 11weeks.   
         OFFSPRING: 2 – 7.
         LIFE: 15 YEARS.

     They are social animals and will live in groups of 5- 25 always females and young adults the older male have solitary habbits.

     They make sound and move their tail to comunicate they feed in groups during the day looking for mushrooms,seeds,fruit,insects,mice....while others watch to make sure there is no attacks when their under attack they make a sound like a bark when they make that noise they all run to the top of the trees which is were they sleep and make their nests.