FALLOW DEER (dama dama)

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fallow deer
(dama dama)


UICN: not been at risk since 1996

CITES: not included   

         KINGDOM: Animalia.             PHYLUM: Chordata.
         CLASS: Mammalia.                         
         ORDER: Artiodactyla.
         FAMILY: Cervidae.
         GENUS: Dama.
         DISTRIBUTION: Europe,America,oceania
         HABITAT: dense forests
         LENTH: 118 – 155 cm.
         TAIL LENTH: 19 cm.
         HEIGHT: 80 – 90 cm.
         WEIGHT: 28 – 63 kg.
         GESTATION: 8 months.
         OFFSPRINGS: 1 -2.
         LONGEVIDAD: 20 – 25 years.

   The males and females have many differences apart from size

   The antlers of the male fall in spring time of grow back even bigger every year.

   Towards the end of september the males have their fully grown antlers and start fighting .

   They dont live in herds but in family's all the males together and females and offsprings together.  

    They are herbivores and feed of trees,grass...