GUANACO (lama glama guanicoe)

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(lama glama guanicoe)



UICN: they are not currently at risk

         KINGDOM: Animalia.             FILO: Chordata.
         CLASS: Mammalia.                                   
         ORDER: Artiodactyla.
         FAMILY: Camelidae.
         GENUS: Lama.
         DISTRIBUTION: Argentina, Bolivia, 
         Chile, Paraguay.
         HABITAT: fields,high forests 4000m2.
         LENTH: 0’9 – 2 ’10 m.
         TAIL LENTH: 23 – 27 cm.      
         HEIGHT: 1’60 – 1’ 70 m.
         HEIGHT:  about1’10 m.
         PESO: 100- 140 kg.
         GESTATION: 11 moths.   
         OFFSPRING: 1.
         LIFE: 20 – 25  years.

    Guanacos can live in groups that consist of one male several females and their offsprings  or groups of older guanacos or young guanacos that are not mature yet.
   They are strictly herbivores.
   The offsprings will stay with the mother till they reach 1 year of age and fully developed at 3.
   The males neigh to warn the rest of a danger the guanacos can run up to 50km which is important because they live in open spaces and not many places to hide.