FROM 1.973



     Juan sevila and Maria van soldt decided to accomplish their dream and dedicate their life to looking after the animals.


  Maria with her dutch mentality prefered a safari were the animals could live in big spaces   

   The project started in 1973 and was  finished in 1975 when the safari was inagurated 

   Once the building ended it was time to receive the animals.All the keepers were ready and waiting for tigers, lions and other species but were shocked to see that the first animal to arrive was beggy a little goat that juan and maria saved on their wedding day.Shortlly after more and more animals started to arrive lions, tigers, giraffe´s.....


    The safari was forced to close in 1983 due to an extrem drought but was able to reopen in1989.


   Nowadays it is addressed by their son Juan daniel sevila accompanied by all the keepers and workers of the safari  and all to fulfill Juan and Maria dream to live with the animalsand look after their well being.