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 UICN: they are working on their conservation since 2002

CITES: not included

         KINGDOM: Animalia.
         PHYLUM: Chordata.
         CLASS: Mammalia.
         ORDER: Carnívoro.
         FAMILY: Felidae.
         GENUS: lynx.
         DISTRIBUTION: north of Europe to east asia
         HABITAT: bosques y laderas de montaña.
         LENTH: 0’8 – 1’3 m.
         TAIL: 11 – 25 cm.
         WEIGHT: 8 – 38 kg.
         GESTATION: 65 – 70 días.   
         OFFSPRINGS: 1 a 5.
         LIFE: 12 – 15 años.
       This linx was a cat from the mixt forest thousands of years ago because of the human presence the linx has been forced to live in open forest's and rocky mountain he can leap and jump to hunt his principal prey is the deer,goat,sheep....these animals are four times the size of a linx.
    The mating season is january to march the females have their offsprings in caves or holes in tree's they dont open their eyes till they are 2 weeks old.