LLAMA (lama glama)

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(lama glama)


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         KINGDOM: Animalia.         PHYLUM: Chordata.
         CLASS: Mammalia.                                  
         ORDER: Artiodactyla.
         FAMILIA: Camelidae.  
         GENUS: Lama.
         DISTRIBUTION: Argentina, Bolivia,
         Chile, Perú and Ecuador.
         HABITAT:fields,high forests 4000m
         LENTH: 0’9 – 2 ’10 m.
         TAIL LENTH: 23 – 27 cm.      
         HEIGHT: 1’60 – 1’ 70 m
         WEIGHT: 100- 140 kg.
         GESTATION: 11 months.   
         OFFSPRINGS: 1.
         LIFE: 20 – 25  years.

     The llamas decend from the guanaco,but the llama is considered domesticated and humans used for meat,load and wool.

     They have a great variaty of colours and fur.

     The females are in charge of looking after the offsprings,which dont separate from the mother till they reach 1 year of age.

      They live in groups of one male and several females plus the offsprings

     They also form groups with just males that are either old or have lost their group.