BIGHORN SHEEP (ovis musimon)

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(ovis musimon)



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         KINGDOM: Animalia.             PHYLUM: Chordata.
         CLASS: Mammalia.          
         ORDER: Artiodactyla.
         FAMILY: Bovidae.
         GENUS: Ovis.
         DISTRIBUTION: Europe
         HABITAT: mountains and forest
         LENTH: 1’1 – 1’3 m.
         HEIGHT: 50 – 70 cm.
         WEIGHT:5 – 55 kg.
         PREGNANCY: 5 months.
         OFFSPRING: 1 – 2.
         LIFE:18 years.

     Males have big horns and females can sometimes have small ones or non at all.
     The females and offsprings live together and males live alone or with other males

     They fight to show the female who is the leader.





Los muflones son animales rumiantes de hábitos diurnos, se alimentan de hierba, hojas, cortezas y tallos.