CAPE PORCUPINE (hystrix africaeaustralis)

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cape porcupine
(hystrix africaeaustralis)


UICN: never been endangered

CITES: not included.


   KINGDOM: Animalia.
   PHYLUM: Chordata.
   CLASS: Mammalia.
   ORDES: Rodentia.
   FAMILY: Hystricidae.
   GENUS: Hystrix.
   DISTRIBUTION: Sur de África (Ruanda, Uganda,
   Kenia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Sudáfrica,…).
   HABITAT: centro y sur de África
   LENTH: 63 – 80 cm.
   TAIL: 10’5 – 14 cm.         
   WEIGHT: 20 kg.
   PREGNANCY: 2 meses.
   OFFSPRINGS: 1 - 4.       
   LIFE 15 YEARS                                               
     These rodents feed in a 15 km area during the night and either go on their own or in small groups and eat plants,fruits...

      During the day they rest in caves or small cracks in the rocks.

       If it feals threatened it lifts its spine and attacks, it cant shot spines but they will pierce the skin of a predator.