MILK SNAKE(lampropeltis triangulum campbelli)

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(lampropeltis triangulum campbelli)   




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    KINGDOM: Animalia.        PHYLUM: Chordata.
    CLASS: Sauropsida.          
    ORDER: Squamata.   
    FAMILY: Colubridae.
    GENUS: Lampropeltis.
    DISTRIBUTION: Northamérica, Center of américa
    and Southamérica.
    HABITAT:fields,dry land and forests.
    LENTH: 90 – 120 cm.
    WEIGHT: menos de 1 kg.
    INCUBATION: 60 – 65 days.  
    LAY: 5 – 20 eggs
    LIFE:  12 years.

    They are mainly night time reptiles but not poisones but mimic the colors and behavior of the coral viper which is poisones it defends it self bitting and spraying a smelly liquid.
     The males are longer than the females.
     They practice cannibalism with snakes from their own species so they only get together fo mating i springtime.

     Females will build their nests in holes in trees or under ground